Coaching asks...                
Where, who and what do you want to be?

                    Therapy asks.......
Where, who and what were you and how does that affect you now? 

Which is Right for You?


Do you relate to these statements?

  • I want more out of my life

  • I'm looking for more peace, joy, a feeling of aliveness, and/or want to feel like my life is more meaningful

  • I know what I want but can't seem to make it happen

  • I want my relationships to feel better, more intimate and more satisfying

  • I want to focus on myself more; I'm always doing for others

  • I would benefit from developing goals and a clearer direction for my life

  • I feel stressed and/or blocked from living the life I want

  • I feel stuck in some aspect of my life and I'm ready for a change

  • I have a hard time balancing my work, family, friends, and leisure time


Do you relate to these statements?

  • I feel anxious and/or depressed often

  • There are things in my past that are really bothering me
  • My emotions feel overwhelming

  • I'm looking for healing

  • I'm feeling unable to deal with my everyday life

  • My relationships are abusive

  • I want to understand how my early family dynamics are affecting me now

  • I'm struggling with addiction(s) (drugs/alcohol/sex/internet, etc.)

  • I want to tell my story

  • It's important for me to have someone really understand and hear the details of my life


Therapy addresses healing; coaching focuses on fulfillment.

In coaching, we would be focusing on your current life situation and where you want to be heading in the future. We would be identifying patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that may be blocking you from what you would like to achieve. We might work on issues such as navigating life transitions, changing patterns of behavior in relationships, living more authentically, identifying and pursuing dreams, etc. I would be helping you understand and overcome your personal blocks, stretching you to you see things in new ways, offering skills and strategies to help you set and achieve your goals, and providing you with accountability.

In therapy, we would be working on understanding and healing past or current emotional wounds, patterns, and/or behaviors. We'd get a good picture of your current life situation and would likely explore your past to help you gain insight and find resolution to your current emotional, mental, or behavioral patterns. We might work on issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationship challenges, etc. Our attention would center on places that hurt and are wanting to be healed.

Combination Approach
It's possible to do coaching and therapy together, and many people find this helpful.

Which is Best for You?
In many ways, the lines between coaching and therapy overlap. Both of them can help you learn about yourself and support you in personal growth and change. One of the main differences between coaching and therapy is that a coaching relationship places most of its emphasis on the future: coaching asks, "Where, who and what do you want to be?" Therapy asks, "Where, who and what were you and how does that affect you now?" Therapy addresses healing; coaching focuses on fulfillment.  

If you are unsure of whether therapy, coaching, or a combination of therapy and coaching may serve you best, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will gladly help you sort through the differences and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.  I offer a free consultation as a way for us to discuss what you're looking for and how I can be helpful to you. 

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Jill Rubin, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Life & Relationship Coach

Jill Rubin, LCSW
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"Jill Rubin is a great coach. She's helping me with an area of my life that has felt stuck for years. I thought I'd give the coaching a try but I really didn't expect the huge, sudden effect it's had on my life. I've started making some much-needed changes and am feeling so much better (excited rather than stagnated and stressed). What a turn-around. I'd definitely recommend her."
— C.M.

"I tried coaching because I had tried therapy and didn't feel like I got anywhere. I was depressed. My last child left for college out of the state. I just had this empty pit kind of feeling. I wasn't sure what my life was about anymore. I met with Jill and she had me do some exercises that helped me to take a look at all the different areas of my life. I was surprised at how much of myself I had neglected. I left my first session feeling intrigued and consciously and finally feel like I'm aware that I'm here for a purpose that is bigger than my role of mother."              
—  D.E. 

"My first coaching session with Jill was surprisingly intense and powerful.  I came away from it with a bird's-eye view of my life, and a very clear sense of direction."
— K.M.

"I came to coaching because I wanted to figure out how to move past the blocks I have toward building a home for myself. What I really like about the coaching is that it opened up my mind to look at things from a totally new perspective. I realized I hadn't moved forward because of the way I've been looking at my situation. I was totally stuck. I can honestly say I feel freed up now. It was so helpful that Jill had a confident energy and was somehow able to pick up on things that were out of my awareness. I found her to be really insightful and her sense of humor really put me at ease.
— S.C.

"I've been stuck on this same issue for longer than I can remember. You're the first person who's helped me have any movement on it. I really didn't think I'd learn anything from this. I'm a believer -- awesome."
— B.G.