College Students
If you are a college student, you know that there are particular stressors that are unique to the college experience. Like many college students that I work with, you're probably feeling overwhelmed trying to manage the multiple layers of college life. You may find yourself trying to balance social, academic, family, and even work life. You are making many important decisions such as what to major in, who to associate with, how to deal with social pressures and expectations, and the list goes on. For some of the students I work with, this is their first time away from home and they find themselves dealing with loneliness and feelings of isolation. And although this can be an amazing time in your life, it can also be filled with confusion, stress, anxiety, and even depression. So many things are in flux at this time and having someone who can be a steady non-judgmental support can make all the difference. If you'd like to find out more about my work and the ways that I may be able to help you navigate all that comes up for you in your college experience, please feel free to email or call me with any questions.

I offer a free consultation as a way for us to discuss what you're looking for and how I can be helpful to you. You'll have a chance to ask me any questions you might have, and together we'll decide if we seem like a good fit for us to work together. 

If I am unable to work with your insurance plan, I offer a sliding scale fee to accommodate those experiencing financial strain. Additionally, I accept health savings accounts and credit cards. Please feel free to inquire about the various options. 

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Jill Rubin, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Life & Relationship Coach

Jill Rubin, LCSW
Relationship Coach

Helping you live the life you desire, through relationship coaching and psychotherapy.

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"I felt like I've been running in circles until now."
— M.B.

"I found her to be really insightful and her sense of humor really put me at ease.
— S.C.

"Honestly, the very first day we met I remember thinking this thought: She is so easy to talk with! And the second thought was: she asks just the right questions!"
— L.B.M.